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Important announcement for S.M.P.

Dear Client’s,

Some of you may have seen my Facebook post already – so this may be a repeat for some of you.

This was a difficult decision on an emotional level and I contemplated for months, but I will no longer be offering Newborn sessions.  The last SIX! years photographing your newborn babies have been the greatest pleasure, and honor, for me.  They are without a doubt many of the best moments that I have captured over the years.  Knowing that I captured that little piece of love for you will always be a joyful memory for me.  I will keep my Newborn gallery on the blog  – just to confuse people.  Haha, no, not really.  I’m only doing it because I have loved photographing every single one of your little Miracle’s.  And because I’m proud of my work.  😉  Thank you for trusting me with your Bebe and I hope to continue to watch them grow up through my lens, again, some day soon.

*And so this leads me to… Yes!  I will continue to offer Children/Family session’s, but availability will be limited for the remainder of this year.  I will now be photographing children ages 9 months through the Teen years.

As for my limited availability, Fall session’s become super busy and I kind-of go crazy, much to my husband’s dismay.  This year I simply do not have the time in my schedule and so I have to limit myself.  I will probably offer two weekends in October for mini-sessions and that is it for the remainder of the year.  My hope is that I will return in the Spring of 2015 renewed, refreshed and refocused.  I will, of-course, honor the gift certificate’s purchased and the fundraiser/auction gifts; but November and December are off-limit’s.  That’s time to be spent with my family – as I’m sure you understand by now that I like to hibernate and enjoy the Holiday’s.  😉

Thank you for your understanding.  If you need a recommendation for a Newborn Photographer I would be more than happy to assist you.  I hope to see your family, again, in the near future.  <3



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Happy, happy Christmas! Pictures and Recipes included…

I’d really like to know where December went.   How did we just fly through the last 24 days in a blink?  We decided with the family to keep gifts very small as we had a family vacation in September where Joe and I renewed our vows to each other… for another decade, if he behaves himself??!   No.  I am a very lucky woman.  He is the easiest person to fall in love with, and I keep falling in love with him every year.  Yuck, mushy, ew.  Ok, Ok.

Aaaaaaanyways… I wish you a beautiful and blessed Christmas with your loved ones.  Try to count to ten when things get hairy.  And you know they will, right?!   And if you do not celebrate Christmas, at least enjoy the extra day off from work.  Or is your Boss like Bill Murray from “Scrooged“?  ” If I’m working late, you GOTTA work late! If you can’t work late, I can’t work late! If I can’t work late, I CAN’T WORK LATE!”

I digress.  I posted a few pictures from our family vacation because I was lazy this year and didn’t do Christmas cards.  Yeah, go ahead and boo me.  I have also posted two recipes: one for your loved ones and one for your beloved pooch.  For those of you that have dogs and consider them your child [yeah, you] they will LOVE this recipe, and you can pronounce every ingredient, too!  I’m not the only one where our dog eats better than us, right?!

So, from our house to yours, may your Christmas be bright!  Thank you for a wonderful year.  I really do appreciate every single one of you and I look forward to capturing more memories in 2014!



Remy LeBeau [woof], Joe and Shannon


Recipe #1


Seriously.  My husband only eats six things.  And he hates desserts.  Yes, you read that correctly.  And yet I still love him despite his lack of good taste in sugar and candy and everything sweet!!  So, when he says these are the BEST Snickerdoodles he has ever tasted, I am inclined to believe him.  Oh, and my friends say they are the Bomb, too.  Not like the nuclear reactor kind of bomb: but an explosion of cinnamon and sugar with just a hint of a soft middle and a hard edge, perfect for dunking.  But I’ll let you decide for yourself.

2 1/2 C flour

2 tsp cream of tartar

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1 C butter, slightly softened [the REAL stuff people]

2 eggs

1 tsp cinnamon [or in our house, just dump it in]

Oven at 375.  Mix flour, cream of tartar, baking soda and salt.  Beat the butter and 1 1/2 C of sugar until light and fluffy.  Add eggs; beat well.  Add the dry ingredients.  Beat on low until well mixed.  Form 1 inch dough balls.  Mix remaining sugar and cinnamon in a bag.  Roll the balls in cinnamon-sugar mix.  Place 2 inches apart.  *At your own risk, sprinkle extra cinnamon-sugar on top.  Bake 10-12 minutes.  Enjoy!

Recipe #2


Make your own with ingredients you can pronounce.  Try different variations, too!  p.s. ~ Remy LeBeau L.O.V.E.S. this!

1 pint of PLAIN, low-fat yogurt.  Organic is best.

2 tsp of honey [raw is best]

*2 bananas

1/4 C of peanut butter.  Organic is best and make sure there is NO additional sugar added.   [Did you forget that part where I mentioned that our dog eats better than us?!]

1/4 C of carrots

Puree or mix in blender until well mixed and smooth.  Freeze.  And watch your dog do all kinds of tricks you thought he didn’t know… just to get another scoop of ice cream.

*You can also do a mix of frozen blueberries, strawberries and blackberries in replace of the banana’s.  About 1/2 C.

See those two pictures at the bottom right?  That was a canoeing experience we will never forget… thanks to these pictures!  haha.  My F.I.L. almost overturned the canoe he was sitting in and then he also took out that white sunfish kayak next to him.  All within four feet of the dock.  😉

Photography of the wedding renewal service by Lora Ann Photography of the N.Y. region.  One of the best days of my life with my soul mate.  xoxo

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Cyber Monday Sale now through Dec 5th

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving with their loved ones.  I am thankful that I had a chance to meet some really wonderful people this past year, and in appreciation of being a client of S.M.P., I am offering three Specials until Dec 5th, 2013.

There is a Past, Present and Future special.  Be sure to check them out because this is the last time to get these deals!  If you need them resent, please email me at

Happy shopping!

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Holiday ordering and shipping times

Where did the year go??  Are you making your Thanksgiving dinner menu recipe list?  I’ve been collecting Pinterest recipes like MAD, and I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at all the wonderful dishes.

Let’s be honest, Holiday shopping can be stressful.  Are you a procrastinator, like myself?  Guilty.  Let’s not make it so stressful, shall we?  Listed below are the FINAL dates for STANDARD shipping for prints, canvas, metal art and albums.

In order to receive your prints, canvas and albums BEFORE Christmas, using standard shipping, please follow the guidelines below.

  • PRINTS: Order by Dec 16th
  • CANVAS and METAL ART: Order by Dec 11th
  • ALBUMS: Order by Dec 4th

**** Please note, these are the LAB’S timeline. Any orders placed after the dates listed above will pay for expedited shipping in order to receive your products [and gifts for family] by Christmas.
**** Also note, this doesn’t include my time to: review your order, answer your questions, confirm your paper selection and create the Album!
**** The last date to accept and create Album orders will be Dec 1st.  Please, PLEASE plan accordingly.  If you place a last minute order, which is 48 hours PRIOR to the dates listed above, there is a 50% surcharge for my time in order to make the Lab’s deadline.  Remember, I also work a F/T job and I need time to correspond with you and make sure orders are correct before they are sent to the lab.

Thank you in advance for following the guidelines listed above in order to make your Holiday shopping experience: pleasurable and stress-free, for everyone involved! :-)  If you have ANY questions at all, please just ask.

P.S. ~  Cyber Monday sale coming your way this year.  Be sure to look at your inbox the Monday after Thanksgiving for a private Special Invitation.  It is a “once and done” deal, and I won’t repeat it ever again.



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Fall session announcement! Two locations, two weekend dates.

2013 Fall portraits with S.M.P:

Key notes:

*  no session fees.  no retainer.

*  includes full sized files with unlimited printing release

*  prices do not include 6% state tax

*  private online gallery will feature approx 10-20 artistically-processed images

*  option to PRE-PURCHASE the entire gallery at $400.  Purchase all the files after the session for $450.

*  parents and children only.  Additional people {Grandma and such} are $20pp.

*  files will be delivered electronically

*  referral credit can only be used for full-price collection: cannot be used for the Fall Special price at $275

add-on option after purchasing files: purchase art prints, canvas and metal art prints at DEEP discounted prices

[ex: 5×7 prints = $4-$5]

add-on option: DVD or Flash drive mailed to client is an additional $35

Locations and dates:

October 12th: morning only @ Springton Manor, Downingtown

October 13th: morning only at Longwood Gardens*

October 19th: morning and evening at Longwood Gardens*

October 20th: morning and evening at Springton Manor, Downingtown

[* Parents are responsible for their families cost to enter Longwood Gardens.]

Bonus!  For each party who completes and purchases their files, will be entered to win a 16×20 canvas!  Pre-purchase all the files for an additional entry.  Refer another awesome friend who completes and purchases their files, and you BOTH receive an additional entry.  Three possible entries!!  Pretty niiiice, right??

This is a perfect opportunity to update the pictures on your walls or maybe you have been wanting to try S.M.P. out for awhile, but you were shy.  I don’t bite.  Promise.  😉

I look forward to seeing familiar AND new faces!




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